THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT COMMAND you can teach your dog is the "RECALL".

Teaching the Recall:
Start as soon as possible w/this. Your puppy is NOT too young for training.
While your puppy is on a BUCKLE collar (NOT a choke) and a leash, allow him to be distracted. While he is distracted, squat down on your knees, lean back with your arms open and with your happiest voice say, "(name), Come!" Then IMMEDIATELY reel dog to you with the leash. Reel firmly but gently, be happy all the while and PRAISE the puppy for coming (Yes, even if he doesn't have a clue!) You may Praise with words, LOTS of petting, and, if you want, food rewards. Repeat this as much as you can stand it. Slowly work your way to a longer leash, even to a long rope (careful, don't get tangled). Then, when you're BOTH ready do it off leash IN AN ENCLOSED AREA. You always want to:

  • PRAISE and PRAISE and PRAISE your dog for coming
  • Be sure that your dog believes that COMING to YOU is THE GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD - BETTER than ANY distraction We always recommend training classes and the best (and what we teach here)is Possitive Reinforcement Training. So, when you call to sign your dog or puppy up for classes, ask what METHOD of training is used.
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