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"A Good Man is Concerned for the Welfare of His Animals" Prov. 12:10

"Train up a dog in the way he should go and when he is loose he will not depart from you"! Labs Landing Obedience 1:1

For the last several years we've had many questions asked of us from training to food. Here are some of our most common questions & Answers:


Leave It




Smoking Around Your Pet

Labs Landing is happy to recommend the product Nuvet vitamin:

Nuvet helps with: * Allergies * Skin and Coat Problems * Scratching, Itching, Biting * Hot Spots * Arthritis and Joint Problems * Premature Aging * Low Energy Levels * Diabetes and Liver Problems * Cataracts and Tumors * Digestive Problems * Tearing * Heart Disease * NuVet Plus can help prolong the life of your dog and cat * And can help eliminate most ailments

**Labs Landing has been using it for a while and Love the results; which is why we want to share this with everyone!

but NOTE: This product is Not available to the general public without an Order Code: 74653

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TRAINING "Through Training Comes Respect, Through Respect comes Love." Bashkim Dibra, TEACH YOUR DOG TO BEHAVE. We highly recommend this book. • It is important to understand, first of all, the breed you are working with. Secondly, your dog has its own personality.

Most dogs/pups chew because they are bored. Pups chew because they are teething. In both cases we suggest that you buy your pet chew toys. You can get them any number of chew. Teething puppies enjoy ice cubes. Just go to a pet store and look around. Get something that will last a long time such as Nylabones. They come in many flavors including fruits. You may also put a wet wash cloth in the freezer. When it's hard take it out and let him chew on it. They love this treat on their teeth.

Is your dog HOT this summer?

  • fill some plastic bottles with water (3/4 full) and freeze them. Once frozen, place around dogs. You can put them against the dog or just lay several close but all around the dog. The second method works best with puppies or small dogs.
  • Or wet a bath towel with cold water and either cover the dog or place on floor so the dog can lay on top of it
  • Keep the PADS (bottom of feet) cool - spray bottles are good for this.
  • The obvious: MAKE SURE THEY HAVE WATER!!!! You may also want to add ice cubes to their drinking water
  • swim them if at all possible, as much as possible, even if you can buy them a kiddy pool
  • DON'T LEAVE THEM OUTSIDE! Be sure dogs have a cool place to retreat to. Shade often isn't enough. It needs to be cool. Ours prefer air conditioning with hourly swims in the pond...but then our dogs are just a tad SPOILED.


    • Just as with human food, there's a lot of junk out there. Most dog foods don't supply all the viamins and oils your dog needs. We recommend supplimenting with C,A and B.
    • Putting water on dry food will help the digestion process. It will also help to fill the dog up. When dog food gets to the tummy it expands. By adding water helps the food expand before it gets to the stomach. This way the stomach won't bloat or "flip" (flipping is a life threatening occurance).
    • SMOKING: R U Killing your pet?

    • Colorado State University College of Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences conducted a study with the following results:
      SECOND HAND SMOKE IS HARMFUL TO DOGS risk of CANCER (including LUNG and NASAL) increases when living with a smoker!

    • the University of Massachusetts also found that "For dogs in a smoking household, they have a 60 percent risk of getting lung cancer." Click here for news article
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