photo of cupcakes

Cupcakes, the apple of Beth's eye!


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"A Good Man is Concerned for the Welfare of His Animals" Proverbs 12:10

LABS LANDING has been told by many people that they love our website for the photos. Many say they check regularly for updated photos. Well, this page is for you and is JUST PHOTOS!.

Beth rarely sits, but when she does,
there is bound to be a dog on her lap

Diesel and Jema puppy

Suggie in the snow 12/07

Suggie and Daphney playing in the snow 12/07

new born(above) Scrap and his daughter Dafney (below)

Crystal Jr. "CJ"

4 of Beth's Grandkids "kidproofing" Pickles and Zues puppies


Fun Fun in the sun

Fun More Fun in the sun

spicey on agility course

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