Retired and Missed

Our current Labs are all descendants of these. We are proud to say the lines have been faithful for many generations - now on our 7th generation!! The "Labs Landing Look" remains in our puppies and is unmistakable. People who know the LL look, recognize our dogs. We often hear, "I knew that was a Labs Landing dog". It's always there, and that is what Beth breeds for: Temperament and Looks.

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"A Good Man is Concerned for the Welfare of His Animals" Proverbs 12:10

SWEET CRYSTAL ROSE - "Crystal/Crissy" the MATRIARC of Labs Landing

We had one of the saddest days of our lives April '07 when Crystal, age 14 died.

Crys, We will always love you:
Your paw prints are forever imbedded into our hearts!

Crysie will always hold a special place in our hearts.

She loved being a Mother and grandmother to everyone! She would join the new moms in the whelping boxes and lick the babies. She would lay down and let them suckle her though she had no milk. The other moms let her in the box while they would chase all other dogs away. She was a special, special girl.

She is the mother of Cupcakes and grandmother and lived to see the 7th generation born here at Labs Landing. Right to the end, she would snuggle with all the household dogs from Cuppy Cakes to the youngest, (7 wk old) puppy!
Cuppy misses her momma - and was very heartbroken for several days, but seems much better now.
Crystal was a top Hunter, and agility dog. She could find a duck anywhere and gave those shelties a run for their money on the agility courses!

Crystal and Beth taking a break from the family ice hockey game - Crystal is 14 and this was taken only weeks before Crystal left us.

Bye for now Crys, We miss you!

Above: Crystal, Vanna, & Cupcakes all gone now

Crystal and Simba -CupCakes parents and the couple that started Labs Landing

Crystal (14 here), the Matriarc with Simba (13 here), the PATRIARC of Labs Landing!

"The Mighty Simba", passed away in 2007. It's heartbreaking for all of us to think about it. He was given a wonderful home in East Aurora with the same family that now keeps Winston and Mouse for us. We are blessed to have friends who love and are as dedicated to the dogs as we are.

2007 was a sad year at Labs Landing. We lost our oldest, dearest dogs! The ones that started it all are now gone. We cry a lot as we remember the joy they brought to us. The love we miss and hope to one-day share with them again. God created the animals to bless; He gave humans stewardship and told us to take care of them. That means love them demonstratively. According to the bible, One day there will be a new heaven and a new earth. Everything will be perfect again the way God initially designed the world (before we ruined it). That’s good news! Surely if the Lord gave animals to bless us the first time, he will give them again. He knows the special bond between our beloved pets and us because HE DESIGNED the relationship. We don’t “hope” the animals will be with us again, we KNOW they will be.

The following dogs passed away in 2007. Crystal, Simba, Cupcakes, Vanna, Nilla, Belle (Cupcakes is the Mascot photo at the top of each page and it is her cupycakes song that plays throughout the web site)

We miss them all terribly as do the families they stayed with in their retirement years.

Crystal and Cupcakes lived with us throughout their lives. Belle lived with her family since puppy hood. Nilla was young when she joined a family only 5 minutes away. We reluctantly released Simba and Vanna in their retirement years. As breeders, we have to keep younger dogs. In order for all to have the attention they deserve, however, we realize the BEST thing to do is to place some into family situations. There they can be either an only dog or one of two or three. That is the reason we place some with other families that live in close proximity to us. We see them regularly and we know their family loves them.

These dogs have great retirement plans!

Our dogs often live with other families, so that they can have individual attention. We would NEVER allow our dogs to live in Kennels or not as a family member. Beth takes great pangs to be sure her babies are well taken care of. Many are kept as pets while still being bred and shown. Upon 'retiring' from show and breeding, they are spayed/neutered and remain with the families who love them. Sometimes Beth has older dogs here she places upon retirement but usually they have already lived with the families and Beth keeps a few retirees here. Wherever they go, it is the best place. Some homes are so wonderful, we want to go with the dog!

Cupcakes Enjoying Agility


- Deceased '07

Cupcakes, a dog we had always wished we could get into her brain and know what she was thinking! She LOVED agility and she loved laps. She is the MASCOT for Labs Landing and her song plays on the sight. Her parents were Crystal and Simba. She seemed to have equal personality of each. There isn't much else to say because there is too much to say. We simply loved her, and still love her. We miss her terribly and will NEVER forget her

We love you Cuppies! And we MISS YOU!!!


This is Rocky, Our CHOCOLATE MALE.
His wins included "Best Puppy" in Sporting Group.

Rocky finished his Canadian Championsheip at 1 year old and his American Championship at 20 months.
He loved everyone, gave great bear hugs, and completed his retirement happily as a couch potatoe!
Rocky's favorite activity was hunting with his best friend and keeper, __. In this photo, he won his American Championship. Rocky gave us beautiful puppies - including Gus and Jewel!


- Retired

Tess's Pedigree follows:
LabsLanding Twinkle of Mi Eye

*OFA Good. * Eyes CERF anually *

Father:CH & Can. CH Pine Edge Levi at Labslanding (Levi)
Grandparents: Ch Tabatha's Drifter At Dickendall JH & Ch Pine Edge Mi Bleudenim Jeans
Great Grandparents: Ch Dickendall Arnold & Ch Tabatha's Valleywood Decoy; Chabaais Rhapsodie En Blue & CH Pine Edge Jus Bearly Mi Turn
Mother: Labs Landing Nilla Cupcakes
Grandparents: CH The Mighty Simba & Sweet Crystal Rose Cd JH
Great Grandparents: CH Millmar's Mighty Morton & O'Hares Maple Valley Cassie; J K S Baron Ben & Bebe Bethsheba

Tess (shown here) remains with the wonderful family who have had her for years and even allowed Tess to deliver her litters in their home!
She lives only a few miles from us. She had a few litters of many pups and is now content being a couch potatoe. Her family kept one of Tess' pups from her last litter. Molly is adorable! A lot like her momma. We get to see Tessy often

Vanna Proud of her new puppies


- Deceased '07

Vanna, a Canadian Champion and proud mother of many, enjoyed her retirement and last days on a gorgeous horse farm in Western New York. We miss her terribly, but know she finished out her life happily with a great woman who loved her dearly.

Vanna visited Beth one last time the day before she died suddenly of cancer

Belle waiting for her tennis ball
Belle with her 8 puppies. What a GREAT MOTHER she was. Her family kept one and named her Angel.

Labslanding Belle of the Ball "Belle"

- Deceased

DOB 4/13/01, Eyes cerf, Hips OFA

Regretfully Belle has passed over that "Rainbow Bridge". She couldn't have lived a more fulfilled life than the wonderful life given her by the Thompsons. We appreciate the love they gave her, right to the end. She is burried in their backyard. Belle was a great mommy to all her children, including Angel who is owned and loved by the Thompsons

Paternal:Father: LabsLanding Otis Mi Man"Otis"
Maternal:Mother:Labs Landing Sandpiper"Sandy


OFA Excellent
Eyes Cerf'd

B.B. - Retired and lives with good friends only a few miles from us.

Another perfect dog home w/ Denise & Steve. Now this girl is WAY SPOILED!!!!
Labslanding Pistol Packing Mama (B.B.)
Paternal:Father: Ch Pine Edge Levi At Labslanding ("Levi")
Maternal:Mother: Labs Landing Elegant Ebony CD

Sherman: passed away late 08

Sherman's Pedigree follows:
Labslanding Singular Sensation(he was a single birth - no litter mates) DOB: 10/6/00
Father: Ch Lobuff's Bare Necessities CH JH
Grandparents: CH Dickendalls Ruffy SH & Second Sight Brandie
Great Grandparents:
Ch Receiver of Cranspire & Ch Moorwood Jewel; Ch J Sun Farms Cedarhill Cadet & Second Sight Onyx
Mother: Can. CH Labs Landing Creme of the Crop ("Vanna")
Grandparents: CH Millmar's Total Suspence & Labs Landings Nilla Cupcakes ("Cupcakes")
Great Granparents:
Millmar's Major Logan Bear & CH Millmar's Magic Sunbeam;
CH The Mighty Simba & Sweet Crystal Rose CD JH

Sherman was always happy. He loves his long walks in the fields and woods but his favorite thing of all is retrieving. Sherman could swim all day and night. He also LOVED cold weather. He lay in snow banks, begging not to have to come back in the house. Not right away. When he can't crack the pond ice any longer, he would find the nearest puddle, crack that ice and lie down! Always looking at you with "puppy" eyes. He's had the 'cutest little (well, huge actually) baby face; everybody loved Sherman, affectionately called, "the Tank." Sherman enjoyed his retirement with a nearby, wonderful family.. and Boston Terrier buddy.

Levi - Retired.. and spoiled

Levi's Pedigree follows:
CH. Pine Edge Levi at Labslanding
Father: CH. Tabatha's Drifter at Dickendall
Grandparents: CH Dickendalls Arnold & CH. Tabatha's Valleywood Decoy
Great Grandparents:
Ch Dickendalls Ruffy SH & Dickendalls a-Ha; Ch Driftwood's Celebration & CH Valleywood's Kannonball Kate
Mother: CH. Pine Edge Mi Bleudenim Jeans ("Jeanie")
Grandparents: Chablais Rhapsodie En Bleu (Can) & Ch Pine Edge Jus Bearly Mi Turn
Great Granparents:
Ranbourne This Bud's for You & CH Chablais Myrtille;
CH Hickory Ridge Gustav Mahler & Ch Lone Oak Polar Bear

Levi's lines will live on at Labs Landing. Levi lives with a family just down the road and we see him often. Beth wouldn't part with Levi thinking he would be any further away. His family loves him dearly and they have land and a pond for him which he loves. He has 2 little girls, to cuddle. We are so thankful to the Marzolf's for making Levi's retirement a wonderful experience.

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