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The Boys:

Diesel(Champion) (Yellow) Scrappy (Champion) (Yellow)
Callaway (Champion) (Yellow) Gus (Chocolate)
Samson (Champion) (Black) Thunder (Yellow)
Gunner (Yellow)
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"A Good Man is Concerned for the Welfare of His Animals" Prov. 12:10

Please contact Beth for any Pedigree you'd like. These boys are mostly Home Grown

Ch Cabin Creek Diesel Up Labslanding "DIESEL"

DOB 2/17/07
OFA & eyes cleared

Diesel, often referred to as "baby Huey" is a big ox. His legs are almost as thick as his head! No, he's a doll! We love him. Just don't stand between him and the stuffed toy he's after or you'll be plowed down as though a diesel engine train barreled through. Good thing he's cute!

Diesel WON at the finger lakes "Wine Country" AKC show, September 2011. He received a MAJOR as he won over 78 other Labs.

Diesel Won his Championship title November 2012

We have quite a few Diesel kids around now - he throws nice thick bone and blocky stlye bodies

Diesel became a CHAMPION on November 24, 2012

Diesel as a puppy -so cute!

Ch. Labslanding Leftovers "Scrappy"

DOB: 1/16/02; eyes cerf'd, hips OFA good & elbows clear


Scrappy is the son of Sherman & Tess:
CH Labslanding Leftovers

Scrappy is a MOMMA'S BOY to the max!!! All our boys are babies, but Scrap takes the cake.

To see some of Scrap's puppies go to the slide show on the "About Us" page.

Scrappy, May 2012

Ch. Labslanding Callaway Blue "Callaway"

DOB: 6/18/01 OFA Hips Good; Elbows Normal; Eyes CERFs

Callaway is a Bostonian. He is lives with our good friend, and his co-owner Leah, who spoils him (a requirement). He lives on the ocean where he hikes the beaches and swims every day. It's another tough life!

We'd like to say, THANK YOU LEAH for being such a WONDERFUL MOM TO CALLAWAY. He couldn't have anyone finer than you.

Callaway is Samson's littermate, and Serman's full -younger brother so please check out his pedigree below.


CALLAWAY Best of Winners

Cal also received JAM (Judges Award of Merit) at Westminster


This is Gus, Our CHOCOLATE MALE.
His wins include "Best Puppy" in Sporting Group.
Eyes Cerf'd, hips and elbows prelims done

Windcrest's Gusty Winds at Labslanding:
Born 3/31/2005
Sire: Ch Regis Von Lowenzahm
Dam:Windcrests Roasting Chestnuts

Gus started out as an adorable puppy and has now grown to a loving, happy, enjoyable, and well behaved gentleman. Shown here at 5 years old.

Gus lives only five minutes down the road and has a wonderful family with a big pond, which he loves

Baby Gus 2005

CH Labslanding Shakem Down Samson "Samson"

Samson's Pedigree:
Paternal:Father: Ch Lobuff's Bare Necessities CH JH
Grandparents: CH Dickendalls Ruffy SH & Second Sight Brandie
Great Grandparents: Ch Receiver of Cranspire & Ch Moorwood Jewel; Ch J Sun Farms Cedarhill Cadet & Second Sight Onyx
Maternal:Mother: Can. CH Labs Landing Creme of the Crop ("Vanna")
Grandparents: CH Millmar's Total Suspence & Labs Landings Nilla Cupcakes ("Cupcakes")
Great Granparents:Millmar's Major Logan Bear & CH Millmar's Magic Sunbeam;
CH The Mighty Simba & Sweet Crystal Rose CD JH

Samson lives nearby with Beth's brother Dennis. The two boys love to hunt together. They really just enjoy being together - truly best friends. With only few exeptions they always are side by side and especially happy in their old pick-up. Unfortunately Den didn't have time to persue Sam's hunt titles this summer That's okay Den, we know he can hunt.

4 majors
DOB: 6/18/01 OFA Excellent
Elbows = clear
Eyes = Cerf
He's as loving and cudly as he is cute.


Thunder is Scrappy's son
DOB 11/30/07
OFA hips = GOOD Elbows = Normal, Heart = Normal Eyes CERF annually

Thunder is a friend to everything and everyone. His favorites includes Zippy, the tortoise and Buddy, the miniature horse One day a litter he sired was playing outside and he just sat beside his 6 week old puppy "Kodak moment"


Thunder and a son (August 2011)

This is Buddy, the mini horse

Thunder at 6 weeks

March 2013 playing with the grandkids


Gunner is Diesel and Jema's son
DOB 4/15/08
OFA hips = GOOD, Elbows = Normal, Eyes CERF annually

Gunner has an incredibly passive temperament and he is beautiful to boot! He is a fabulous combination of confirmation, beauty, and personality

Gunner is DEFINATELY SPOILED living with his best bud Rich who updates photos, on facebook, of Gunner almost Daily.

We LOVE our dogs to be SPOILED - thanks Rich and Renea for loving Gunner so much!


Gunner May 2012

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