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photo of cupcakes

Cupcakes, the apple of Beth's eye!

"A Good Man is Concerned for the Welfare of His Animals" Prov. 12:10

...and tortoises

ZIPPY: The happiest Tortoise anywhere!

Welcome to ZIPPY's page on the LABS LANDING website.
Our goal is to provide you with So many people comment about Zippy and we have so many photos of our cute lil' fella that we decided to give him his own page.

Zippy is an African Spur-Thigh Tortoise (look closely at the front legs and you'll see why). He was given to us at age 5 and has been part of our family for almost 5 years. He is AFFECTIONATE!! We had no idea reptiles were affectionate. He loves us and he loves his canine buddies, often seeking them out to snuggle. His favorite pal to snuggle with was Crystal. Now he just joins any of the dogs. He doesn't seem to have a favorite.
In the winter, Zip stays pretty much in front of the pellet stove. He is from Africa, so Buffalo winters are pretty chilly for the lil' fella. But he's a trooper. He just waits out our 9 months of winter for those precious few days of summer he can live outside, enjoy fresh green grass and play with his puppy friends. All the new puppies have to visit him. He's very patient as they sniff him out ..and sometimes taste him. One day Zippy tried to drink from a nursing mother! HA! That was hilarious! Although Joy didn't think so. She had been sound asleep and it startled her. She just jumped up with a yipe and ran away. Poor JOY.

Zippy adds a lot to our family. We love him and he truly loves us. He will come "running" across the room for hugs from some of his favorite people. As we feel him on our feet, we bend down and then he climbs onto our lap and literally hugs us. He comes all out of his shell and wraps his stubby little arms around us while we pet and talk to him.

Thanks for your patients. I know many have asked for updated Zippy photos -- well go to the bottom of the page

Zippy visits Dixie in the backyard

Zippy's Favorite Friend, Crystal Sometimes he crawled over her, but usually laid beside her

Zippy's Favorite spot through long Buffalo winters We always know where Zippy is in winter!

Zippy's sleeping in his winter spot He just sprawls out and crashes for the night in front of the stove - he's no dummy!

Zippy's meeting one of Joy's newest puppies (April '07)

Zippy is always willing to meet the new puppies (April '07)

Zippy is always willing to meet the new puppies (April '07)

Zippy is GROWING up! this is April or May 09 and is now 10 years old

What do you do with a large tortoise who paces the living room at Thanksgiving?
Give up????

Use him to entertain the kids (2009)

Zippy has grown!Here he is Jan 2010

This is Zippy on January 14, 2010

but he still spends winter in his favorite spot

He makes a good footstool

Zippy just grows and grows: before summer 2010 he weighed 42 pounds. Weighed in again at Thanksgiving at 58 pounds!!!

A friend brought her grandchildren over to ride Zippy

Zip in November 2010

see where "spur-thigh" comes from The rings tell us he is about 12 years old

And here he is all dressed up for Christmas Eve 2010 (He asked Santa for a girlfriend)

April 2013: Zippy now weighs over 90 pounds!

and is looking very forward to WARMER WEATHER so he can go back outside

He still a huggable guy

Zippy loves Karley

(He likes Country)

All puppies pass inspection from Zippy

and his favorites get a free ride!

Last (2012) summer - at Thanksgiving Zip weighted 78 lbs

the other day (4/13) Jeff weighed him at 93 pounds! not too much hibernation this year

Still in front of the pellet stove waiting for spring with Jed and Ellie Mae


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