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Enjoy some 'Family Photos' below!

also, see some newer puppy photos on the Puppies page

photo of cupcakes

Cupcakes, the apple of Beth's eye!

"A Good Man is Concerned for the Welfare of His Animals" Prov. 12:10


Welcome to the LABS LANDING website.
The happiest labs anywhere! Our goal is to provide you with useful information about our labs and other services.
We hope this makes it easier for you to get to know us.

You will notice that our site is informal. So are we! We hope you feel right at home as you browse the site.

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Annie is a Lizzy/Deisel puppy

Labs Landing Offers:


  • Breed and raise the highest quality English Labrador Retrievers.
  • Yellow, Black, and Chocolate
  • Correct conformation AND the wonderful temperament for which labs are known
  • LL Successfully competes in AKC conformation shows, Hunting trials, Agility, Obedience, and Dock Diving
  • All ours are house-raised and lovingly handled - our dogs are family pets first and foremost
  • Our dogs have plenty of land to play on and a pond to swim



  • No extra charge for play yard. Let your dog have fun while you have fun -- It's like a camp for dogs.
  • We board: Dogs, Cats, and other small animals including miniature horses, donkeys, etc. (you have to keep the two-legged kids though)
  • Last minute boarders welcome as vacancies permit 585-547-3767
  • All breeds welcome
  • Plenty of attention and play time to boarders
  • Beth tucks all the boarders in at night -- she REALLY DOES! She sits with EACH of them before bed
  • Most dog owners tell us how excited their pet is when it's time to visit "Aunt Beth"
  • HORSE-SITTING: We will go to your home/farm and horse-sit while you're away. (Other farm animals also)

    Chief, Beth's Trick Horse


  • POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT TRAINING including hunting/field trials
  • Gently guide a nonresponsive, fearful, or shy dog into its proper place in the family unit
  • Constructive and positive Obedience classes held at Labs Landing
  • Private Instruction also available at Labs Landing
  • In-home training available for local residents (within 40 miles)
  • Boarding Training available to all. The dog stays at Labs Landing and is trained by Beth personally EVERY DAY. Following the successful training, Beth brings in the owners to learn maintaining of training and/or continued training as the case may require.
    Each dog is different; therefore the training has many variables. Beth will listen closely, meet and evaluate, then discuss each dog strategic plan with you prior to accepting the dog into her training program.
    Beth believes in RELATIONSHIP between people and canine
    She motivates owners to respect and communicate with the dog


  • Beth is a graduate of the renown New York School of Dog Grooming and has over 25 yrs. experience
  • Located in Western New York between Buffalo and Rochester
  • Beth Shaffer: 585-547-3767; beth@labslanding.com or message on FB

    Enjoy looking at the photos.

    Please email Beth if you are interested in pups (usually a waiting list, so get on it asap)., phone: (585)547-3767 or send a message via facebook

    Labs Landing is happy to recommend two products for the HEALTH of your dog:

    *TLC totally organic food - You can only get this through a breeder, so click on link to shop under Beth's account

    TLC Whole Life Pet Food- Free Home Delivery!
    TLC Whole Life Petfood

    Labs Landing also recommends Nuvet vitamin:

    Nuvet helps with: * Allergies * Skin and Coat Problems * Scratching, Itching, Biting * Hot Spots * Arthritis and Joint Problems * Premature Aging * Low Energy Levels * Diabetes and Liver Problems * Cataracts and Tumors * Digestive Problems * Tearing * Heart Disease * NuVet Plus can help prolong the life of your dog and cat * And can help eliminate most ailments

    **Labs Landing has been using it for a while and Love the results which is why we want to share this with everyone! ** It's GUARANTEED!

    but NOTE: This product is Not available to the general public without an Order Code: 74653

    Click here to order or if you prefer, phone 800-474-7044 and use ID CODE: 74653

    We seldom pose our dogs; we just hope to grab the camera before they get away. These photos show the way our labs are raised... and loved: as family pets first and foremost.


    Beth in the whelping box with pups

    if you sit in our house chances are you will soon have a friend sitting with you

    Beth and Spicey overlooking Leah's lake in Cape Cod 4/12

    Check out Labs Landing on facebook and if you have any Labs Landing dogs, we would love you to share thier photos with us.


    granddaughter with thunder/andi pup

    "sit" training -- and trainer's start early here

    Em says puppy wants to go swimming

    oh, we have had Cavaliers, beagles, and an African Spur Thigh Tortoise (Zippy)

    "Help, the rock moves" Roy & Zippy

    "I wanna help"

    "Me too"

    No problem finding dishwashers in this house

    Voice lessons

    Grandkids and Great-Niece enjoying pups

    Emma making freezer treats while Jewel waits to lick the bowl

    Spending the night at Grandmas

    Beth with the group at the pond cooling off on a summer day (2011)

    Lil' Truffles

    Thunder, one of our pet therapy dogs, relaxing

    Scrappy sleeping

    Thanks for visiting!

    See Puppies for current puppy availability

    Click Suggie's Page to see some Dock Diving by Suggie

    This is our family!

    and there are more zippy photos now on Zippy's page

    Beth and Spicey overlooking a lake on Cape Cod 4/12

    Bumper is in the background, Lizzy, the middle, and Whitney

    Enjoy the family photos below. You'll see our "family" including Zippy, who has his own page and a miniature horse named, "Buddy." Some of our dogs do agility, others hunting, several visit elderly and rehab patients. All are lovable and loved. They are all born in the house and stay with us until they leave at 7 weeks. Children of all ages enjoy visiting them. The pups below range from as early as a few hours old.

  • labs, labs, labs

    We are located in Western New York (between Buffalo and Rochester).
    11003 Alleghany Road, Darien Center NY 14040
    (585)547-3767 or email Beth here

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