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Boarding, Grooming, Obedience Classes, Training, Agility, In-Home Pet Care, Pet Therapy, Hunting

If you live locally and would like to make an appointment for Boarding or Grooming just call or email us and let us know when you'd like to bring your dog by.
Boarding: Indoor/outdoor, heated. Fenced in exercise yard and training room. Our pick up and drop off times are 8-9am and 8-9pm.
Grooming: Beth is a graduate of the New York School of (All Breed) Dog Grooming. If you would like to make an appointment via email, give us 3 choices of days/times when you'd like your dog "beautified" and tell us the breed and what you would like done. Also, please include your phone number. OR Phone us at your convenience.
Obedience: "Train up a dog in the way he should go and when he is loose he will not depart from you" Labslanding 1:1
8 week obedience group session for puppies and adult dogs. Covers all basic obedience commands. Advanced classes and private instruction available also.
Also do private training, and agility training (call for dates and times).
In-Home Pet Care/House Sitting: If you live w/in a 20 mile radius of us, we will go to your home 1 - 3 times each day and take care of your animals. INCLUDING HORSES. Call for prices. Hunting We train for hunting and can include competition. We NEVER USE harsh methods. All reward-based/positive reinforcement training. Our dogs are very sucessful, and HAPPY HUNTERS.


LabsLanding Creme of the Crop

This is the Apple of Beth's eye. The Mascot (puppy photo/poster girl for LL). Now 10 yrs. old Here Cuppy is completing her final round for the "Excellence" title in agility. She started later than most but qualified 6 out of 7 times for her titles.
Now that cuppy has found her nitch, there's no stoppin' her

Cup Cakes (shown here) Excellence Agility title

Cup Cakes running up the "A" Frame. She won 1st place for time as well as earning her title.

Winning Day for Labs Landing

Calloway: Best of Breed, Scrappy: Best of Winners, Suggie: Best of Opposites

We enjoy days like this! See the boys on the Stud page & Suggie on the Biches page
Calloway is Sherman's full brother. Sherman is Scrappy's dad & Scrappy is Suggie's Dad

It's an All in the Family kinda thing

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